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5 Reasons A Retreat Is A Worthy Investment

Beautiful scenic views. Outdoor adventures. Fresh air. The soothing sound of water. Gourmet meals. Time and space dedicated to intentional reflection, prayer and rejuvenation. Community. Just some of the many reasons why my husband, Jeff, and I love leading retreats.

We all know blocking out time on our calendar for self-care and personal growth is important but too often we put ourselves and our spiritual growth on the back burner. If you have been longing to go deeper in your relationship with God and give yourself a truly unique experience, our faith-based fitness retreats is for you!

Here are 5 reasons why a retreat is a worthy investment:

1. Deeper Level of Growth

Attending a retreat can provide you with a deeper level of self-reflection and growth. They provide adequate space and downtime to allow for reflection that your daily lives can’t give you. A retreat allows you to get away from your hectic schedule and creates an environment where distractions are removed and you can spend time intentionally slowing down. During our retreats we have teaching sessions to help you know yourself and understand God better.

2. Connection.

During our retreats, we love the intimate connection and friendships that are created. We all need to know that we aren’t alone in our struggles and hardships. There is nothing more powerful than to hear someone’s testimony of healing and redemption and as Christians, it’s so important for us to have strong connections with other Christ followers, people who can lift us up and encourage us in our faith walk.

3. Reflection and Prayer

Time for thy self is essential to filling ourselves up in order to be able to serve the Kingdom of God. We believe everyone has a God calling and purpose. I am sure you have heard the expression “you can’t pour from an empty cup” but how many times do you actually take it heart? During our retreats there is time dedicated to reflection and prayer so you can fill your spiritual cup and return home refreshed and excited to pursue what God has revealed to you.

We must make time for ourselves, our personal growth and self-reflection in order to give the best version of ourselves to our family, friends and others. A retreat is a great way to provide this kind of space.

4. Healthy Lifestyle Changes.

During our retreats you will learn how to make healthy lifestyle changes and be given tools and resources to make these changes for the long term. We spend time cooking together and preparing meals so you can learn how to create healthy delicious meals in the comfort of your own home without having to spend hours in the kitchen. We exercise daily together providing workouts for all fitness levels so you can return home feeling more confident, stronger and empowered to make your health a top priority.

5. Have Fun

Going on a retreat is an opportunity to have fun and have the experience of a life time. We strive to host our retreats and pilgrimages in some of the most beautiful places on earth (Colorado, Austria, Greece, Portugal and Spain just to name a few!) We do deep inner work to draw ourselves closer into our relationship with Jesus but we also have a lot of fun together too!

We invite you to learn more about our upcoming Faithful Workouts Retreats and we hope to be able to experience one together soon!



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