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Best Mobility Exercises For Women Over 40

When you woke up this morning to plan your day and activities you may not have immediately thought to yourself “what mobility exercises can I do today?” Mobility can be often overlooked in the fitness world but as we age, it’s important that we incorporate these types of movements into our weekly active routines.

You may think flexibility and mobility are one in the same but actually, flexibility refers to the ability to lengthen or hold a muscle in a stretch. Mobility refers to the range of motion of your joints. When you think of mobility exercises think of moving your arm around in windmill motion.

These exercises are specifically geared towards training your range of motion around joints. They involve actively moving, contracting and relaxing the muscles. When our flexibility and mobility decreases, over time it can become more difficult to do simple tasks like getting in and out of the car, bending down to put on shoes or reaching up to grab something off a shelf in the pantry

Immobility can also lead to difficulty walking and poor posture. Too much sitting causes the hip flexors to become so tight that they’re unable to open properly when you walk. Over time you take shorter steps which can lead to the likelihood to shuffle your feet as you walk when you age and your body to hunch over.

The good news is that simple exercises, when practiced regularly, can help prevent these issues now and slow some of the related natural issues that happen with age!

Here are the best mobility exercises for women over 40:

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