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Best Posture Exercises For Women Over 40

You may be reading the title of this blog post and thinking “posture exercises, really?” I get it, posture exercises are not talked about often but I hope by the end of this blog post and the exercises I’m going to share, you will have a whole new perspective on just how important posture exercises really are! And here’s a fun fact for you, in 5th grade I won a posture contest so am SUPER qualified and passionate to talk about this topic!

Numerous factors can contribute to poor posture, including tight or weak muscles, stress, obesity, and wearing unsupportive shoes. Poor posture can lead to back pain, breathing problems, and headaches—and it can even impact our mood. It’s important to recognize that posture can have a profound impact on your health, well-being and your ability to thrive in all areas of your life.

There are lots of reasons to work on improving your posture but did you know that standing up straighter can make you look instantly thinner?! Here are some other important reasons to work on improving your posture:

reduced back pain
decreased risk of injury
reduced stress on the muscles and joints
improved circulation, digestion, respiration, and flexibility
boost self-confidence.

The best way to improve your posture is to focus on exercises that strengthen your core — the abdominal and low back muscles that connect to your spine and pelvis.

Correcting bad posture won’t happen overnight but the good news is with some simple exercises and a commitment to consistency, you can work to correct poor posture.

Here are some of my top exercises to improve posture for women over 40.


Be sure to check out this full 11-minute Posture Workout too!

I hope this inspired you to exercise more consistently so you can improve your posture and overall well-being!

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