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Best Standing And Chair Ab Exercises For Women Over 40

If you want to have a stronger and tighter looking core but don’t love being on the floor doing crunches or other traditional core exercises, this blog post is for you!

Standing and chair ab exercises can help to mix things up by allowing you to hinge further at the hips, improve your posture through each move and have better control with each repetition. Toning your muscles while in a standing position also works your abs and much more. For example, standing ab exercises often put your balance and stability to the test, as your body naturally fights against gravity to maintain the upright position. These exercises hit all the same core muscles that floor work does…and then some!

Why do we need to work on our core? Core exercises train the muscles in our core to work in harmony. The benefits of having a strong core include injury prevention, reduction of back pain, improved lifting mechanics, balance, stability and posture. Stability especially is vital in our day-to-day regular activities.

Standing and chair ab exercises are also a good option if you are a beginner who is just getting started and find getting up and down off the floor difficult or if you are recovering from an injury and need to ease into floor core exercises.

Here are some great standing and chair ab workouts for women over 40.

Chair Workout With My 92-Year Old Mom (22 Minutes)

Balance, Posture & Core (28 Minutes)

Standing Core In Portugal ( 12 Minutes)


I hope this inspired you to focus more consistently on strengthening your core so you can improve your balance, decrease your risk of back injury and falls. You’ve got this!

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