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I love this sport and am so distressed at what it has become. Originally, Bodybuilding was meant to showcase the potential of a strong, healthy, natural body. It has turned into hospice, a waiting place for death, knowing that it is imminent and continuing to rest there. In 2021 alone, a minimum of 15 top-level athletes died from causes related to this sport. This does not include the deaths of lesser known individuals.
Enough is ENOUGH.
Unfortunately, the drug use to build lizard-like physiques is not unique to men. Women at the lowest level of competition, Bikini, have to “juice”, (use drugs) to compete. Anavar is one drug that women love to get fast results. It’s deadly. It eventually destroys a woman’s beauty in a thousand ways all while providing a lean body that requires breast implants to retain femininity. You would never know that these women are on steroids. You would call them “hot”, and that’s why they do it.
Trenbolone, a common drug of abuse, is a cattle industry drug used to put weight on cows for slaughter. Isn’t that ironic?
Heart attacks, strokes and brain cancer, OH MY!
Oh…did I mention that your junk shrinks, gentlemen? And that you get breasts from taking steroids?
Ladies, how about that “manface” effect that you will eventually get? Sound enticing? And let’s just say that the guys shrinking junk has to go somewhere. Ladies, you’re the winner of enlarged, grotesque female parts that will send many to plastic surgeons.
The bodybuilding industry should stop rewarding suicide NOW.
And then there’s the LASIX and INSULIN use!!! I cannot even tell you how offended I am by this as a bodybuilder who is also a nurse.
The worst part is, bodybuilding was meant to showcase HEALTHY. Again, stay natty or just f’ing QUIT.
Some people say there should be drug tested and not drug tested competitions. I say test them ALL and kick out the dopeheads.

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