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Sugar Challenge Day 9

Sugar Challenge: Day 9

**Challenge: 3 Obstacles and How you Will Overcome them

**Recipe Makeover: Mocktail Recipes

**Suggested Workouts

Inspirational Tip

“We develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity.” – Stephen Covey

“I have great respect for the past. If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going.” – Maya Angelou

I love these 2 quotes because in the first one it’s an acknowledgement that we will have challenges in life. Jesus Himself tells us that in John 16:33. The second quote is a reminder that we can learn from the past – what worked, what didn’t work, and use that to move forward in a more successful way.


Today, I talked about the fact that you will have temptations and obstacles. It’s part of life. But there are 3 things you can do to help you with healthier choices, especially when it comes to sugar.

1) Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and advice. The Holy Spirit lives within us and we have access at all times.

2) Avoid tempting situations – don’t drive past that donut shop, take the scenic route!

3) Our friends and family (the Body of Christ) are here to support us – ask for their help, prayers and support

As Maya Angelou said, we really can learn from our past. Today you’re going to think about obstacles that have gotten in your way before. Write down your 3 biggest temptations or roadblocks to consistently making healthy choices, specifically sugar consumption. Now think of all the things you can do to avoid them or overcome them and write them down. And don’t forget to pray about them!

You got this!! 

Recipe Makeover

Fun drinks are a part of celebrations and get togethers. However, even non-alcoholic drinks or “Mocktails” can be loaded with sugar.

Try these refreshing mocktails without all the added sugar!

p.s. put them in a fun glass

Suggested Workout

Chair: Yoga: Stillness Psalm 46

Equipment: Chair

Length: 15 Minutes

Beginner: Quick PAZAZ

Equipment: None

Length: 13 Minutes

Intermediate: Balance by Mt Evans

Equipment: Light weights optional

Length: 10 Minutes

Advanced: Upper Body Intensive

Equipment: Band, Loop

Length: 15 Minutes

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